Slican Door Phones

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Characteristic of Slican DPH doorphones

Slican DPH doorphones connected to PBX enable to establish call between person near doorphone and PBX subscriber, as well as enter to protected area. It is also possible to trigger an electrolock, for opening door or gate, from phone connected to PBX. Following functions are available in DPH doorphones:












  • establish phone call using touch button
  • two relays trigger
  • electrolock (EZ)
  • additional relay (STA)
  • power supply with 12-25VAC or 14-35VDC
  • temperature range -20 to +70
  • protection level - according PN-EN 60529, IP34 for DPH and IP20 for power supply.
  • inputs COD (opening door sensor) i POD (opening door button). Both buttons operate with electrolock.
  • EZ trigger (opening) by receiving "*" character in DTMF code
  • embedded RFID card reader (not all models)
  • possibility to trigger EZ by registered RFID card approach
  • STA trigger (second relay) by receiving "1" character in DTMF code. Single pulse with fixed duration time is generated
  • Doorphone parameters programming from phone using DTMF code

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