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Slican DPH Doorphone

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Slican Install

DPH - Doorphone connection

Connecting doorphone can be executed via appropriate cables connected to connecting terminal located on doorphone PCB. Connecting terminal is visible and accessible afer unscrewing front panel, this operation is described in chapter 2.2 DPH - Opening doorphone casing.

Warning! Before connecting cables to connecting terminal, cables should be bring into the casing via hole located on casing backside.

Connections located in connection terminal, usetd to doorphone installation are presented in following table:

Ikona uziemiena biała.PNG earthing (for proper operation of doorphone over-voltage protection)
LA  PBX subscriber line (polarity is not important)
EZ  electrolock, 12V DC, max 0.7A
STA  isolated normaly open relay connection used to control additional device - allowable voltage is equal to max 24V AC STA Max 0.7A
AC  power supply connections 14 - 35VDC or 12 - 25 VAC
COD  opening door sensor - disconnection from GND decrease EZ relay operation time
POD  opening door button (relative to GND)
GND  ground for POD, COD signals

Connection scheme of doorphone DPH is presented on following figure.

Schemat podlaczenia DPH.png

DPH doorphone supply can be realized using AC or DC. Power supply device should be selected according user needs. Due to wide possibilities, Slican company doesn't offerany power supply device together with DPH doorphone, it remain to user decision. In Slican offer - as a separate position in price list - there is AC transformer TRS10-V18-N, with nominal voltage equal to 18V, this transformer fulfil supply requirements of DPH doorphone. Below is presented mentioned above transformer:

Trafo TRS10-V18-N.png
Slican Programming

Establishing call

  • To program DPH doorphone it is necessarily to establish call between PBX phone and doorphone.
  • Doorphone is programmed using DTMF tones send by phone connected to doorphone.

Programing mode entering: 0987

  • To enter programing mode - during established call dial: 0987[1] (if no PIN is defined) or 0987<PIN>
  • In programing mode:
    • doorphone buttons don't operate and after pressing any button reject signal (low frequency) is generated.
    • Loudspeaker is muted.


*(asterisk) Cancel

  • After pressing *, in every moment, entered parameter is canceled and program returns to XY coordinates selection.

# (hash)OK Confirm

  • After pressing # entered parameter is confirmed. 
  • After pressing # doorphone answers as follows:
    • confirmation signal (high frequency)
    • rejest signal (low frequency) if entered parameter is improper.

Leaving programing mode 2 x * (asterisk)

  • After pressing asterisk two times program mode is leaving.
  • After program mode leaving connection established for programming is disconnected

Programming table

  • Values in [ ] - default values
  • All programmable fields are organized as XY coordinates table.

DPH programming table is as follow

1 Short number 0
Top button
Short number 1
Bottom button [empty]

Number dialed after pressing button.

Max 16 digits No number - button disabled

2 Number dialing finish with #(Hash) [1]
1 - ON
0 - OFF
Only handset lifting [ ]

Line occupation. In PBX hot line must be declared.
0-Top button
1-Bottom button
Empty - hot line is inactive

Max call time [180]

10..360 sec

Finish call [0]

0 - none

1 - POD

2 - COD

DPH factory settings

# confirm, after confirmation DPH resets

Confirm. time [10]0..60sec[2] Call begin button [0]

0 - none

1 - POD

2 - COD

Short number 0 is dialed.

Auto answer [1]

0 - NO

1 - YES


3 EZ opening time [3] 1..60 sec EZ working mode [0]

0 - electrolock (NO)
1 - electromagnetic keeper (NC)

STA opening time [2]

1..360 sec

Receiving DTMF * [3]

0 - no action
1 - EZ opening
2 - STA opening
3 - EZ and STA opening at the same time

User RFID action [3]

0 - no action
1 - EZ opening
2 - STA opening
3 - EZ and STA opening at the same time

STA mode[0]

0 - Gate mode

1 - Light mode

Output settings

  • EZ - electrolock,
  • STA - automatic control
4 Speaker volume [3]
Allowable values 0..7,
0 - minimal volume
Speaker volume change
2 - increase volume
8 - decrease volume

During adjustment DPH speaker is active

Speaker sensitivity [1]

0 - small
1 - medium
2 - high

Switch level [2]

0..8 Minimal value of speak direction switching level

Acoustic settings

5 Service RFID card 0000 - store service card
Service card enables to
assign new RFID cards.
Remove RFID cards
0000- remove all RFID cards

RFID cards

6 PIN change

Entering 4 digits PIN code Entering method: PPPP#PPPP#, P- any PIN digit 0..9, # - hash in DTMF

For sequence ## - erasing PIN (no PIN)

PIN entered in DTMF is equal to admin PIN entered from DPH16 keyboard.



  • XY coordinates acceptation causes high frquency (OK) signal generation.
  • It is possible to entering XY coordinates longer than 2 digits - only two last digits will be used.
  • XY coordinates confirmation - button HASH (#)
  • Parameter entering can be always canceled by STAR (*) button. as a result low frequency signal (BAD) is generated and jump to coordinates selecting
  • Confirmation of any parameter can be done with HASH (#) button. If parameter value is correct and parameterr was succesfully stored in FLASH memory - high frequency signal (OK) is generated and dorphone waits for coordinates selection.
  • If parameter value is incorrect - low frequency signal (BAD) is generated and dorphone waits for coordinates selection.
  • Max call time - new value is obvious for next call
  • For DPH.AB-KS1 short number 0 is active
  • For DPH.AB-KS2 short numbers 0 (upper button) and 1 (lower button) are active
  • For DPH.AB-KS1, 2RF field 05 is active (RFID cards)
  • If value of STA mode option is equal to 0, active are STA control by RFID, PINu and DTMF, otherwise if value of STA mode option is set to 1, only only pressing any button or answering incoming call can trigger STA output.
  • If value of option Auto answer is equal to 0, an incoming call can't be answered by doorphone. In this situation, doorphone programming is possible only after establishing call from doorphone to phone.



  1. Jump up  If there is no PIN code defined SETUP jumper must be inserted.
  2. Jump up  This option is not used in this doorphone model.

Quick Guide
1. Προγραμματισμός μουτόν:   01# number # (π.χ. για να καλέσουμε το group 616 : 01#616#)
2. Προγραμματισμός να παίρνει # μετά τον αριθμό: 02#1#
3. χρόνος ανοίγματος ΕΖ: 03# sec # (π.χ. για χρόνο ανοίγματος 3sec : 03#3#)
4. χρόνος ανοίγματος STA: 23# sec # (π.χ. για χρόνο ανοίγματος της επαφής normaly open 1sec : 23#1#)