Analog Card TA800A - TA1600A

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Product Features

New generation of analogy telephony card
Compliance with international telecommunications standards
Parameterized interfaces, meet the different demands of various lines
Design for extended and large-capacity solutions, suitable from a few to hundreds of lines                   
Specifically designed for open source telephony porjects, such as Asterisk, freeswitch, yatem etc.











  • Large capacity: Each card supports 8 - 16 FXO / FXS interfaces. Each machine can support more than 6 cards and provide high-capacity analog telephone interfaces support
  • Flexible configuration: You can select single-port and dual-port modules, flexible configuration to meet different requirements.
  • Efficiency:Burst-mode DMA with 128M transfer speed.Optimized FPGA design, reliable and efficient.                          
  • International standards: High quality and Carries-grade SLIC and POTS  chips with the world's largest installation volume. Meet the globe standards and no compatibility issues exist.
  • Convenient and reliable: No additional power supplier is required for FXS modules.
  • Standard framework: The same hardware architecture has been used in all our BL series telephony cards to ensure the product quality.
  • The series of analogy telephony cards supports efficient and rich media processing capabilities, one machine can insert more than 6 cards, especially suitable for developing applications based on Asterisk.
  • TA800A and TA1600A is 23 cm length(less than full card length), 10 cm high.They are compliance with PCI 2. 2 standard and can be installed on most PC because of its moderate length. Both cards have 8 slots. Every slot can ben inserted with single and dual FXO / FXS modules.So every card can be used to connect 1-16 channels.
  • This series of FXO/FXS modules can be installed in any module slots to meet the requirements of different application configurations.
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